The Tour” is a new bus tour from the people who operate “The Ride.”  Both use buses with stadium style seating. Passengers sit facing the side of the bus where they can view the sights through floor to ceiling windows. No more trying to see something over the shoulder of the person sitting next to you.

The buses are decked out with LED lighting, plasma TV screens, and surround sound. The tours last 90 minutes and cover mid-town Manhattan and the upper west side.

While “The Ride” is part theater, “The Tour” is more informational (and family-friendly).

Regular ticket prices are $45 for adults and $35 for children.

LivingSocial is running a deal on The Ride with adult tickets for $29 and children’s tickets for $23. You can sometimes get a little better deal if you catch one of LivingSocial’s extra promo code discounts.

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