New York City’s Chinatown neighborhood is a great place to find good food at very reasonable prices. Plus, a visit to Chinatown is an experience in itself. Be prepared to be a little overwhelmed by the crowds of people, street vendors and array of shops and restaurants. It helps to have a place or two in mind before you go.  See Chinatown mapped out on Google Maps.

Time Out Magazine has a list of recommended inexpensive places to eat in Chinatown. Cheap eats in Chinatown: Best nosh on a budget.

Serious Eats provides a guide to where to eat (and avoid) in Little Italy and Chinatown. They even have a nice map you can print out and take with you.

Village Voice has their list of 10 Best Things to Eat in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

TimeOut’s guide to the Best Dumplings in NYC (some are in Chinatown, some elsewhere in the city).