manhattanManhattan Sideways is an expanding exploration of the side streets of Manhattan.

The Manhattan Sideways team is exploring the numbered streets one by one. They started at 1st Street and will eventually get all the way to 155th. As of August 2016, they’re up to 100th Street.┬áTheir thorough explorations are well-documents at

Each “Meet the Street” section contains a general overview plus entries for everything on the street. Every place, from parks and parking garages to shops and restaurants, is identified. Many have basic entries with a map, address, hours of operation, etc. The most interesting bits are the “Side Pick” features that provide write-ups and photos of some of the most interesting Manhattan Sideways discoveries. The write-ups, which are often as much about the proprietors of the establishment as about the shop or business, give a real sense of neighborhood. There’s an option on each street page to see the Side Pick entries only, or you can see the complete list of things located on that street.

Bookmark Manhattan Sideways and keep it with your trip planning resources. It’s a great way to discover neat things to see in overlooked parts of the city.