Airfare Comparison Made Easy

If you also don’t know about Skyscanner, do yourself a favor and go check it out now.  It’s the easiest and best way we’ve seen to search out good deals on flights to New York City (or anywhere else).

The thing we really like about Skyscanner is that, if you’re flexible about your travel dates (and you should be, if you want really good deals), you can search flights over an entire month’s time.

Tell Skyscanner to check prices over an entire month and they’ll display results in your choice of chart or calendar format showing lowest fares for each day of the month. Want to check the next month out? Just click the arrow next to the month name displayed and you get the next month’s information. The further out you go into the future, the less data is available on the calendar, but for a 30 day period, we found rates listed for most days.

As you can see in the SkyScanner screen capture below, the airfare differences on different departure days can be significant.


Screen cap of a one month airfare chart from the SkyScanner website.


Take a Test Drive

Test out Skyscanner for yourself. Enter your starting point and destination below. Go ahead and enter your preferred travel dates, but once you arrive at the SkyScanner site, you can click on “Show whole month” (top left, below the blue bar) to see prices for other dates.