The Fastest Lines at TKTS Times Square

There are four TKTS booths in New York City that sell in-person, same day, discount theater tickets. The TKTS booth at Times Square is the largest and most popular location. There are often long lines for ticket at the Times Square TKTS booth. However, the Times Square location features several express windows that can reduce your wait time.


The 7-Day Fast Pass Window

At TKTS Times Square, Window #1 is a 7-day Fast Pass Window. That means, if you have made a purchase at TKTS, you may return within seven days with your ticket stubs and go directly to Window #1 (the Fast Pass Line) to purchase tickets to another performance, thus avoiding the lines.


Plays-Only Express Window

The shortest regular line at TKTS Times Square is Window #12, which is the Plays-Only Express Line (for non-musicals). You can buy tickets for plays at any of the windows, but the dedicated, plays-only line at Window #12 is often the line with the shortest wait times. Tickets for plays are often also less expensive than tickets for musicals.

One budget-minded for NYC visitors is to see a play first and then, if you still have the time and money later in your trip to see another show, take your ticket stubs (within 7 days) back to the TKTS booth at Times Square and buy discounted tickets to a musical or another play. This way you never have to stand in one of the long regular lines for discounted musical tickets.


About TKTS Booths

The TKTS booths are operated by the Theatre Development Fund, a non-profit dedicated to sustaining and sharing the arts and developing audiences for the future. When you buy from the TKTS booths, you’re getting a deal on tickets and helping support the TDF. The tickets they sell are up to 50% off the regular prices. They charge a $5.00 service fee. See TKTS booth locations and hours.

Visit the TDF TKTS website for TKTS ticket tips.


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