If you’re a little adventurous or don’t want to deal with picking out a specific hotel, you might be able to save some money with Priceline’s Express Deals.  You’ll get the biggest savings from Express Deals when you’re making last-minute reservations.  A Thursday night search yielded lots of big discount for Saturday and Sunday night stays.

Here’s how it works:  You tell Priceline what city you want to stay in, then they show you  a list of hotel deals with price, amenities, customer ratings, and neighborhood. What they don’t show you is the specific hotel names or addresses.  You won’t be kept in suspense long. The name of the hotel is provided right about you book your reservation, but you’ll be locked in at that point, you can’t change your mind and try somewhere else.

The neighborhoods are pretty specific and a click on the “map it” link brings up a map that show that boundaries of the area the hotel is located in.  Neighborhoods that look like particularly safe bets include Central Park South, Midtown West, and the Times Square – Theatre District.

Express Deals, Hotels up to 55% off