There are so many restaurants in New York City that it can be hard to decide where to eat.  And finding a good deal isn’t easy either.  Yelp provides a great source of information about the best places to eat and you can find some very good deals with their “Yelp Deals.”

Yelp is all about reviews. It’s powered by an active community of users who review the places they visit. There are reviews for all kinds of services and entertainment, but restaurant reviews are the biggest category. Most of the reviewers are locals, which makes it a good way to discover popular neighborhood spots outside the tourist-oriented areas.

With Yelp Offers, you pay for a voucher that is worth a certain amount of food. $30 for $40, $10 for $20, etc.

There’s a Yelp app too that you can load on your phone and have with you while you’re traveling.

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