mets-baseballThere are often good deals available for New York Mets baseball games.

The Mets play at Citi Field.  Here are directions on how to get to Citi Field by bus, train, or subway.

Goldstar Mets Ticket Deals.  Goldstar is a provider of discount event and entertainment tickets.  They pretty much always have deals on Mets game tickets as well as discounts on many other things to do in NYC. The Goldstar discount tickets are a good deal. They do tack on service fees, but they are usually less than the fees charged at the Met’s box office.  However, you should check to make sure they are getting the best deal, so here’s a link to the Mets box office ticket site so you can compare prices.

To take advantage of the Goldstar offers, you’ll need to register at their site. Signing up is easy, all they ask for is an email address and a zipcode. Sign up at their website, select “find events” from the menu at the top of the page, and enter “Mets” into the search box in the right-side column.

Current Mets Tickets Deals:

May 3 – Mets vs Braves

May 18 – Mets vs Nationals

May 30 – Mets vs White Sox

May 31 – Mets vs White Sox



Mets Box Office: Mets ticket prices go up and down based on market demand. If you’re in town when they’re playing one of their less popular opponents, you might find a good deal. Check out the Mets ticket site for individual game ticket prices.

Student rush discount tickets – Students with a valid high school or college ID can purchase $10 Promenade level tickets for select games. Student discount ticket details.


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