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Bryant Park Audio Tour

Learn about one of NYC’s busiest and most popular parks with the Bryant Park audio tour. Download the free tour through iTunes for play on a portable device (or you can listen to it at home on your desktop).

TheĀ audio tour is narrated by Mathew Broderick and provides lots of information about the park in a fun, entertaining format.

The tour is really meant to be listened to while you’re in the park, but it makes good before hand preparation for a trip to the park too. It gives you a good idea of the things you’ll see there and really sets the atmosphere of the place.

Visit the Bryant Park website for your copy of the audio tour.


About Bryant Park

Bryant Park is a midtown Manhattan park located adjacent to the New York Public Library’s main branch building (see the location on Google Maps).

The park is part of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, but is privately funded and managed by the not-for-profit Bryant Park Corporation, which took over restoration and management of the park in the 1980s.

Bryant ParkĀ is a very popular gathering place for residents and visitors. A large lawn provides a green oasis in the middle of midtown Manhattan. There are lots of places to sit and relax, an outdoor reading room with books, newspapers, and periodicals, several places to eat, a putting green, chess, backgammon, and other games.

Visit the Bryant Park website for details about the park and scheduled activities and events.


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