New York City Deal Sources

price-cutNYC Cheap Travel searches the internet for the best deals and offers of interest to New York City visitors. The list below represents some of our best sources for information on deals and discounts. Some of them are more targeted at New Yorkers than visitors to the city, so you’ll need to search a little for deals that might save you money on a visit to the city. Most of these resources have newsletters or email notification services that will send information on the newest deals and discounts to your email box.

We always do our best to post information about the deals and offers that we think are of interest to people traveling to the city for a visit, so please check our current deals and offers page often. But for those of you who would like to go out in search of your own deals and look for things of special interest to you, here’s a list of places to look.

Goldstar – They have discount tickets to New York Harbor cruises, tours, theater, comedy clubs, and more. The list of offerings at Goldstar changes all the time, so it’s a good idea to sign up for their email notifications. They have “comp” tickets to many things, like comedy clubs and musical revues. Many of the comp tickets have a service fee, but most are still a good deal, even with the fee. Just put the item in the shopping cart to check on what service fee is charged.  They also have offers for more other metropolitan areas of the US, so you might find something fun to do close to home, too.

Playbill Club – Sign up for a free membership to the Playbill Club and you’ll have access to discount codes for Broadway and Off-Broadway theater productions. Plus, they have some discounts for hotels and restaurants too. One of the best things about their theater discounts is that you have the option of using the code online, by phone, or in person at the theater’s box office.  If you get your tickets at the box office you can avoid paying the telecharge service fee. – This website has deals on theater tickets, hotels and attractions. The best deals we find there are on New York City tours. Many of their discounts are better than the offers on the tour operators’ own websites.  They often have good deals on theater tickets too.

Groupon’s New York Deals – Groupon features lots of half-price or better deals on food and some very good deals on tours too. Look at the dining deals carefully to make sure they’re in a neighborhood near where you’re staying or where you’ll be sightseeing. Also check the expiration date to be sure that the deal will still be go when you plan on taking your trip to the city. Groupon also has deals on things that probably aren’t of interest to visitors, but just keep looking and you’ll find the good stuff.

Living Social’s New York Deals – Very similar to Groupon.  The special twist with Living Social is that once you buy a deal, you can share a special link and if three of your friends buy the same deal, you get yours for free. If you’re traveling with a group of people and you all want to use the same deal, you may be able to save a little extra with this option.

Yelp Restaurant Deals –  An excellent way to find and save money on dining. Most Yelp reviewers are local, so you’ll find honest reviews about places in all neighborhoods of the city. Deal values vary, but many are 25% to 50% off.

BroadwayBox and TheaterMania – Both of these sites specialize in the collection of discount codes to theater productions. It’s always worth checking to see what they have available.