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Full-price tickets at the Wine Fest website are $60 + $4.30 in fees

Brooklyn Wine Festival at the Brooklyn Expo Center – Saturday, September 29, 2018

To get your $15 ticket, choose the “special” $20 ticket at Goldstar and use Promo Code¬†POPJULY¬† for an additional $5 off.

At the Brooklyn Wine Festival, you’ll enjoy three-and-a-half hours of tastings that’ll take you across the Atlantic to Spain and Austria, down through the Mediterranean, stopping by Italy and Greece, then plunging south of the equator to South Africa, before jetting over to the Land Down Under and boomeranging around to South America and back up through the good ol’ USA. Your in-flight meal, should you choose to purchase it, is equally representative of all the tastiest corners of the world. Your journey is set to a soundtrack of live music, and if you can pry yourself away from the vino, there will be fun activities to enjoy. Book your passage now at the Brooklyn Expo Center. No trip should end without a souvenir, and this one’s no different: You’ll leave with a 5-oz. souvenir tasting glass.

Visit the official Brooklyn Wine Festival website for details about the event.