There’s a new hotel search site available. Well, it’s sort of new. It’s actually the hotel search that’s been part of the site for a while now, but now it’s being actively promoted as Hotelwatchdog.

(Disclosure: NYCCheapTravel has an affiliate agreement with Hotelwatchdog because we like the site, we think it has a lot to offer our site visitors, and hey, we’re trying to make a living. We may receive some financial compensation for purchases you make through Hotelwatchdog if you click through to their site from here. We thank you for that. Opinions expressed here, though, are completely our own.)

Here’s why we like Hotelwatchdog:

  • It focuses on good deals.
  • Good deals are determined not just by price, but by combination of price and reviews.
  • Useful deal-hunting information is provided, such as “this hotel’s price is 31% lower than its 45-day historic average” and “this hotel’s price is 40% less than rates at other nearby, similar hotels”.
  • All available pricing from multiple booking sites is displayed right on the search page. No extra clicking around to do.
  • The review tab makes it easy to read TripAdvisor reviews.
  • The map tab has a very useful list of nearby attractions, with distances provided in fractions of a mile.

There are a few things that would make the Hotelwatchdog search just about perfect. The “amenities” tab for each property lists the hotel room amenities. It would be very useful to have an additional tab for “hotel amenities” to provide information about things such as on-site restaurants, fitness centers, etc. And the one brilliant thing offered by Airfarewatchdog that doesn’t seem to be offered by Hotelwatchdog is an email alert service. With Airfarewatchdog, you can sign up for email alerts that let you know when there are airfare price drops.  A similar feature that alerted you to price drops for a hotels in a particular city during a set travel time window would be really nice.  But these are just sort of wish-list items on our part. Even without these things, Hotelwatchdog is a great addition to the hotel search engine scene.

Try it for yourself: New York Hotels at Hotelwatchdog


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