“The Ride”

Enjoy a different kind of sightseeing experience with The Ride, the bus tour that’s part tour and part show. See the sights and enjoy street performances along the way.  You’ll ride in special buses that are custom-designed for this experience with stadium-type setting (you sit facing out the large side windows), plasma monitors, advanced audio system, and LED lights.

The Ride gets good reviews at TripAdvisor from travelers who have experienced it.  More reviews on Yelp, with photos.


“The Ride” Discount Tickets:

LivingSocial has discount tickets for the The Ride, priced at $49.

Goldstar has discount tickets for The Ride priced at $51.25 (final price with fees).

Regular full-price for The Ride is $74.  They often run promotional specials. Be sure to compare deal offers with prices at The Ride website to make sure you’re getting the best deal.  Look for “Flash Sales” and family pack offers. Flash sales are also sometime featured on their Facebook page.


A few notes about The Ride: Not recommended for children under the age of 6. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. All Children must be supervised.   There is no food or drink permitted on The Ride.  There is no restroom available on The Ride.

Due to sideways seating, frequent stops and starts, strobe lighting, loud music, and simulations that include floor shaking, sudden tilting, and jarring actions, The Ride has a safety advisory posted on their site advising that: The Ride is not recommended for guests with motion sickness or dizziness, sensitivity to strobe or other lighting effects, back, neck or similar physical conditions, heart conditions or high blood pressure, sensitivity to loud sounds. Visit the official The Ride website for details.

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